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Girolat SIA is EU registered international trading company primarily engaged in physical trading of oil related products and financial derivatives (futures, options and etc.). Since establishment in 2003, Girolat SIA has made leaping advances in gathering a team of highly specialized personnel with the specific product and global market knowledge. Girolat SIA sources shipments from state-owned and private oil refineries as well as trading companies in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our suppliers enjoy the benefits of our international sales network in expanding their global market share, while at the same time our buyers are guaranteed with stable and efficient supply of quality products. Girolat SIA executes sales in bulk vessels, rail tank cars and flexitanks. Diverse transportation facilities allow us to offer varied product quantities enhancing our capacity and flexibility in responding to the needs of our buyers located in the geographically remote markets.


:: Jet fuel
:: Oils
:: Methanol
:: Carbamid
:: Sulfate of ammonium
:: Ammoniac saltpeter
:: Warmly isolation




Carbamid - white granules, turn out from ammonia and dioxide of carbon.

In an agriculture as fertilizer. In compariso with other nitric fertilizers carbomid comtais the greatest amount of nitrogen (46.2%), that basically afso defines economic feasibility of it's use as fertilizer for many acricultural crops on anyone ground, and also as the additive to forages for ruminats. Can also use in the industries for reception for melamin, cyanuric acids, corbamido - formaldehydly piches, medical products, as a component cosmetitc preporats.

Technical requirements:
The name of a parameter
  Hight First Seckond
The mass Fraction of nitrogen in recalculation on dry substance:
46,2 %
46,2 %
46,2 %
The mass Fraction of biuret:
1,4 %
1,4 %
1,4 %
The mass Fraction of water:
    a method of drying
    Fisheris method



100 %
100 %
100 %
Structure of granules, a mass Fraction of granules:
    from 1 up to 4 mm, not less than
    from 2 up to 4 mm, not less than
    less than 1 mm, no more than

94 %
70 %
3 %

94 %
50 %
5 %

94 %
0 %
5 %
Durability of granules a kg/granule:
0,07 %
0,05 %
0,03 %

In quality as condition additives pitch is used in corbamido - formadehydy.

Packing and storage:
Carbamid pack in polymeric bags and vavly paper under the specifications and technical documentation, providing safely of a product. Net weight of a product - no more than 50 + 1.0 kg. In railway cars such as "hopper", mineral cart, and also in the specialized metal containers. For retail trade the product is packed into polyethylene packages, weight no more than 3 kg. Store in the closed drywarehouse. Containers with carbamid and are supposed to be stored transport packages on the open areas.

Transports in the packed kind and an embankment all kinds of covered transport, except for air.

A warranty period of storage:
6 months from the date of manufacturing.

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