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Girolat SIA is EU registered international trading company primarily engaged in physical trading of oil related products and financial derivatives (futures, options and etc.). Since establishment in 2003, Girolat SIA has made leaping advances in gathering a team of highly specialized personnel with the specific product and global market knowledge. Girolat SIA sources shipments from state-owned and private oil refineries as well as trading companies in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our suppliers enjoy the benefits of our international sales network in expanding their global market share, while at the same time our buyers are guaranteed with stable and efficient supply of quality products. Girolat SIA executes sales in bulk vessels, rail tank cars and flexitanks. Diverse transportation facilities allow us to offer varied product quantities enhancing our capacity and flexibility in responding to the needs of our buyers located in the geographically remote markets.


:: Jet fuel
:: Oils
:: Methanol
:: Carbamid
:: Sulfate of ammonium
:: Ammoniac saltpeter
:: Warmly isolation




Colorless, transparent, inflammable liquid.

It is appied to rexeption carbamid and jonexchange pitches, formaldehyde, an acetic acid, synthetic rubber, polyvinylchloride, acetals, chemicals, as solvent in manufacture of dyes and pain and varnish products and for manx other purposes.

Technical requirements:
The name of a parameter
Appearance: a colorless transparent liquid without insoluble impurity
Density at 20C:
0,791 g/sm3
Miscibility with water: mixs up without traces of turbidity
Temperature limits: a limit of boiling
The mass Fraction of water:
0,05 %
The mass Fraction of free acid in recalculation on an out acid:
0,0015 %
The mass Fraction of aldenydes and catons in recalculation on acetone:
0,003 %
The mass Fraction of flying connections of iron in recalculation on iron:
0,00001 %
Test with permangonat of calium:
60 min
The mass Fraction of ammonia and amino compounds in recalculation on ammonia:
0,00001 %
The mass Fraction of chlorine:
0,0001 %
The mass Fraction of sulfur:
0,0001 %
The mass Fraction of the nonvolative rest after evaporation:
0,001 %
Specific electric conductivity:
3x105 sm/m
The mass Fraction of etil spirit:
0,01 %
Chromaticity on a platino-cobalt scale, Hazen's unit:

Transports in specially allocated railway and tankers, steel flanks. By transportation a sailing charter use special containers.

A warranty period of storage:
6 months from the date of manufacturing.

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